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Meth Monsters

The focal point of many therapy sessions, dreams, journal entries and the source of many  insecurities, has been “the night my dad went bad“. I remember my mom always referring to it as such. I’ve analyzed the event over and over. I remember waking up to my dad moving from room to room frantically, reading the bible, talking about the demons inside everyone. I remember … Continue reading Meth Monsters

The Long Road to Recovery: A Rocky Beginning

For a while now, I’ve contemplated doing a piece on my experience with Psychotherapy but it’s been difficult for me to find the words. There are many different therapeutic coping strategies and it’s important for each unique individual to do what works best for them. My favorite type of therapy, and the route that has been most helpful for me thus far, has been psychotherapy, or … Continue reading The Long Road to Recovery: A Rocky Beginning

Little Thoughts. Big Feelings.

Stay Strong  I feel depression pulling at me from every angle. I’m tired and everything seems so dull and sad. I don’t want to do anything but wallow in self pity.  I’m trying so hard to keep everything up. I know there are reasons to be happy and I know I have larger goals to accomplish and things to gain. Everything just seems so pointless. … Continue reading Little Thoughts. Big Feelings.

Blame Game, Cognitive Distortions, and Positive Psychology

In my previous blog I talked about my struggle with mental illness and addiction. I’ve dedicated more hours than I’d like to admit, to analyzing myself. I wanted – no, I needed – to know why I am the way I am. I needed to know why I can’t be happy or normal. Why do I struggle while everything is so easy for other people … Continue reading Blame Game, Cognitive Distortions, and Positive Psychology

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Summertime Mania: The Incident

I woke up happy and ready to face the day. Summer-time mania was always the best. I had talked to my psychiatrist a week or so prior about the fact that my meds hadn’t been fully effective and I was still experiencing relatively severe bouts of both hypo-mania and depression. She informed me there was nothing to do really, other than be vigilant.  I have … Continue reading Summertime Mania: The Incident