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Excuses, Excuses..

I write a lot about bi-polar, PTSD and self-medicating. It’s kinda my thing! I’ve been accused of using mental illness as an excuse or a crutch, and I feel the need to explain why I think it’s important to recognize a “diagnosable” mental disorder. I’m sure many people use mental illness as an excuse but there are other reasons to identify whether or not you … Continue reading Excuses, Excuses..

A Prescription For Murder?

I totally agree, I think that it’s incredibly irresponsible to ignore various contributing factors and on top of that over-looking the fact that they have the ability to influence millions of people in a potentially deadly way. Mental Health @ Home I have always been a big fan of the documentary program The Passionate Eye on CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster.  Until now.  On January 6, … Continue reading A Prescription For Murder?

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How will you be remembered?

Alfred Nobel was a man who dedicated his life to the development of explosives for warfare and construction. Newspapers had confused Ludvig Nobel’s death with Alfred’s, and published obituaries that read, “The Merchant of Death, is dead.” Upon reading these, Alfred was so torn by these obituaries that he amended his will, leaving almost all of his fortune to the cause of celebrating humanity: he created the Nobel Prize. Continue reading How will you be remembered?

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Guest Post by: Kelci Jayde Gwatkin

Kelci Jayde Gwatkin is more than just a beautiful woman, she is a woman who has endured trauma that most couldn’t imagine. She has shared her journey, after losing her baby boy shortly after he was born. Kelci’s story is hers to tell, and I hope to delve deeper into her past a future blog; she has taught me so much about the grieving process, … Continue reading Guest Post by: Kelci Jayde Gwatkin