The “B” Word


In my last blog, Failure Is a Part of Success, I talked about the importance in budgeting and taking responsibility for your financial future.

I didn’t give any specific examples because I was still in the process of finding the right way for me. I like apps and tools that are readily avgailable on my phone or computer. I love my Google calendar because it sends notifications to my phone and computer. For those of you who aren’t so tech savvy, my way might not suit you (at least not without a little help).

One of the apps that I’m trialing is isavemoney, click the link to download. Unfortunately this version is only compatible with android mobile devices.

When I have some time I’m going to look for something that’s compatible with ALL of my devices. Until then, I am really happy with this app and I may indeed choose it after all. This is a great start! I was completely lost and I finally found a way to simplify my budget. I immediately felt a sense of relief when I was finished.

I did, however, have a couple of problems. If you look at, tires/under car; it’s written that way because tires were already accounted for. I forgot that I had already budgeted them under car in a subcategory, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the tires category, so I simply renamed it and budgeted $0. There were a few other things I don’t understand yet, but I am happy with my over-all experience.

I didn’t like having to pay to upgrade in order to duplicate my July budget to August, unfortunately that’s pretty common with free apps, they have to make money somehow.

I’m sure there are a lot of budgeting tools out there and I intend to trial as many as I can before I choose which is best for me. If you have a favorite budgeting tool or app please let us know with a comment!

Here are a few screen shots of my budget after I was done:

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