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for the last few months I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed, lost, like a deer in the headlights. I have so many opportunities and wonderful options in my life that I just don’t know what to do. When my daughter was an infant I didn’t have much time to do anything other than care for her, mostly due to sleep deprevation; she’s over a year old now and I have some choices to make. Continue reading Priorities

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Pose like a Super-hero!

I was watching a television show today, and one of the characters–a surgeon, posed like a super-hero before performing a surgery. They said “it inspires confidence and improves performance”. I had to look it up, and sure enough: “it alters hormone production; lifting the power hormone and reducing the stress hormone. As science demonstrates, body posture influences our brains and, consequently our feeleings. According to … Continue reading Pose like a Super-hero!

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Learning to Cope

Maladaptive coping mechanisms fascinate me. Often times we know what we are doing hurts us but we do it anyway. Immediate stress relief is addictive. An entirely different part of the brain is responsible for impulsive behavior— as opposed to long term, carefully considered decision making. It’s our brain’s reward system. When we are used to using that part of the brain, I suppose it’s like exercising it.
Continue reading Learning to Cope

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Lets Play a Game! How My Hubby and I Made Housework Fun!

One way or another, if human evolution is to go on, we shall have to learn to enjoy life more thoroughly. —mihály csíkszentmihályi1 In a blog I posted, Failure Is a Part of Success; If You Don’t Try, You Wont Succeed, I talked about how I was ‘holding it together’. How my husband and I had transformed our lives and wanted to keep it that … Continue reading Lets Play a Game! How My Hubby and I Made Housework Fun!

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Excuses, Excuses..

I write a lot about bi-polar, PTSD and self-medicating. It’s kinda my thing! I’ve been accused of using mental illness as an excuse or a crutch, and I feel the need to explain why I think it’s important to recognize a “diagnosable” mental disorder. I’m sure many people use mental illness as an excuse but there are other reasons to identify whether or not you … Continue reading Excuses, Excuses..

A Prescription For Murder?

I totally agree, I think that it’s incredibly irresponsible to ignore various contributing factors and on top of that over-looking the fact that they have the ability to influence millions of people in a potentially deadly way. Mental Health @ Home I have always been a big fan of the documentary program The Passionate Eye on CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster.  Until now.  On January 6, … Continue reading A Prescription For Murder?