Hi! Welcome to MyAria. When I started this blog, it was really more of a journal–a tool that I used to cope. Over the past two years my blog as evolved with me and it has been read in over 61 different countries. I was diagnosed with bipolar I, anxiety disorder and PTSD almost 6 years ago. After my diagnosis I was immediately prescribed a mood stabilizer and started seeing a therapist once a week. After gaining stability, I started a support group called My Aria–Mental Illness & Addiction Awareness. The group met in person once per week and I started a Facebook page for the group as well. My recovery inspired me to go back to college with the intent of eventually learning everything there is know about the brain! I absolutely love learning about the science behind mental illness and I’m so thankful to have the resources to study the physiological processes associated with mental illness, and human behavior in general. I plan to document my journey, just as I set out to do. Unfortunately, being in school full-time while my husband works full-time (in the mental health field) with a two-year-old daughter (Aria) to care for on top of it all, doesn’t really leave me with much extra time! As of recent, I’ve resorted posting my homework, rather than a traditional blog, to share with those that are curious what I’m learning along the way!

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comment directly on my blog! I would love to see you on Facebook, join my group by searching: MyAria–Mental Illness & Addiction Awareness!