Hi! Welcome to MyAria.

My name is Torie Simmons and I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar, PTSD, and anxiety disorder. My goal is to share my struggles and triumphs for those who may need a little inspiration, or may just want to learn a bit about someone in my position. I run a blog, obviously, but I also run a local support group and facebook awareness page. My Aria — Mental Illness & Addiction Awareness . Join us and help raise awareness, every little bit helps!

A bit more about me! I grew up in a rural town in eastern Oregon called Spray. Spray has 1 store, 1 post office and 1 gas station! Fire and ambulance services are all done by volunteer workers. I had a graduating class of 3, if that says anything!

I’m now 31 and I have a daughter (Aria) and a husband (Keyes). Keyes and I have had some crazy experiences and we both hope to put those experiences to good use, helping others navigate their own journeys. Keyes is a Peer Support Specialist and Youth Partner, working for a great company. We can finally be proud of our lives and hope to inspire others to change theirs if they aren’t happy with the way things are going.