My Aria — Mental Illness & Addiction Awareness

Hi! Welcome to MyAria. I was diagnosed with bipolar I, anxiety disorder and PTSD almost 6 years ago. After my diagnosis I was immediately prescribed a mood stabilizer and started seeing a therapist once a week. Through therapy and medication I’m finally able to see things clearly. After stabilizing I started a support group called My Aria–Mental Illness & Addiction Awareness. The group met in person once per week and I started a Facebook page for the group as well. My recovery inspired me to go back to college to study biological psychology, specializing in neurobiology. I’m 60% finished with my bachelors degree at which point I plan to move on to my masters and then PhD. I absolutely love learning about the science behind mental illness and I’m so thankful to have the resources to actually study the physiological processes experienced by those of us with a mental illness. I plan to document my journey, though being in school full-time while my husband works full-time (in the mental health field) with a two-year-old daughter (Aria) to care for on top of it all, doesn’t really leave me with much extra time!

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Thank you all!